Lego slippers or, you know, shoes.

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I don’t know why it took so long to develop something to protect our feet from Legos. OK, yeah, so there are these things called shoes, but who wants to wear those, like, ever, much less around the house?

A French company, Brand Station, and a Danish toy company put their heads together to develop slippers that will keep you from dropping F-bombs as you walk through your house. The trick is that there is extra padding in the bottom of the slipper, you know, like shoes have, only these are slippers, so it’s different.

These slippers aren’t for sale, so put your wallet away. Apparently, according to the blog, Piwee, only 1,500 sets will be made and and people who create wish lists on the Lego France website will have a chance to win them. I know you’re super bummed, but at least you still have shoes.

Are you ridiculous enough to want these things? Here’s the website where you create your wish list, if you can read French. Or, again, you could just wear shoes.



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