Kids are like that one roommate you had …

Dear Old Friend,

Hey! It’s me, your college roommate. I have been meaning to write you, but I have just been so busy doing things like taking yoga in the middle of the day and staying out late with friends. I see you have kids now – how time flies! I bet life for you now is so much different than it was when we were living together.

Speaking of which, remember that time that you got so upset with me for not paying my share of the bills? I kind of remember you telling me what a drain I was on our electricity, but to be honest, I was only half-paying attention. I can admit now that it was my fault that our bills were always so high. After all, I never turned off any lights when I left the room, I let the water just run and run and run from the faucet and I always had to have the house super warm in the winter and super cool in the summer. You must have thought I was so selfish and ungrateful.

Anywho, sorry about that. I’m sure you don’t have to deal with moochers anymore. Remember how annoyed you used to get when you would be making dinner for yourself and I would just grab a plate and fill it? I know it drove you crazy, but you’re just such a good cook. I bet you’re glad to be rid of me eating off your plate all the time. I can’t remember you ever getting to eat a meal alone when I was around, now that I think about it. Hope you are enjoying your food in peace now!

I saw on Facebook that you got a new house – what’s it like? I’m sure it’s so clean. After all, you were always picking up after me. I didn’t realize how nice it was to have someone like you to do my dishes and throw my dirty clothes in the hamper before we would have friends over. You know how you always made all of our beds before our parents would come visit? I need you to teach me how to dog-ear the comforter. Ha – how happy are you that you just have one bed to make now?

That reminds me, I can’t believe how little we used to sleep! I mean, you used to have to be at work at that coffee shop 6:30 a.m. How did you do it? So many nights, I would sneak into your room and wake you up because I was drunk and I thought it was funny. You would get so mad at me. “Go back to your room!” you would yell. That probably seems like a distant memory for you, now that you are getting eight hours of sleep, huh? You need it to chase around those kids!

Ugh, it has just been SO GOOD to reminisce about days gone by. If I’m ever in town, we have got to get together for a drink. You stay at home with the kids, so you’re totally flexible, right? I’ll just pop over in the middle of the day sometime when it works for my schedule. I’m sure that won’t be a problem!

Love you!

Your old college roommate

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