You say it’s your birthday

A video from Dad, a note from Momma.

Dear son,

One year ago today, you were placed on my chest, slippery, bald and brand new to this world. You whimpered a little, ate a little and cuddled a lot. You were perfect – and you were ours.

When we got home later that day, you and I snuggled on the couch and Daddy fell asleep on the floor next to us. I couldn’t sleep. Even after 27 hours of labor, I couldn’t take my eyes off you to get the rest I’m sure I needed.

You were then and still are the most precious thing in my world. I am so blessed that I have watched you hit every milestone: your first priceless smiles, rolling over, eating solid food, your first puppy kisses, your first steps. We’re still waiting on those teeth to come in – but I’m in no rush, because your toothless grin melts my heart each time I see it.

There were days, even weeks that were difficult adjustments, but you have taught me some of life’s most important lessons.

You taught your Momma to be patient – and believe me, that’s a hard one. Some days you seem to really enjoy teaching me that one.

You taught your Momma how to love something unconditionally.

You taught your Momma that it’s OK to go from laughing to crying to laughing again.

You taught your Momma that sometimes, a smile really can make everything better.

I hope in the coming year, I can teach you a thing or two: my awesome dance moves, how to drive your Daddy crazy, how to make Mona “shake” paws.

I cherish every morning when I got to be the one to greet you. I hope I never forget our quiet moments before bedtime when I would walk circles in your room, holding you, kissing you and singing you every song I could think of. I sang songs your Daddy would be proud of (The Beatles, Pink Floyd) and some songs that would make Daddy question Momma’s sanity (Kermit the Frog’s “Rainbow Connection,” for example).

Some days, before I put you in your crib, I told you that I will always be here for you. Some days, I told you that I will always be on your side.

But every day – every single day, even when I was away – I told you I loved you.

My little Monster, thank you for giving me the best year of my life. You are undoubtedly the highlight of every one of my days.

I love you now and always,


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