It’s OK if I put up my Christmas decorations before Veterans Day … right?

I think you only have the right to complain about the phenomenon known as being “over-Christmased” if you don’t celebrate the holiday. So to all my Jewish friends, my solstice celebrators and my generally disinterested friends, this blog isn’t for you.

Now, as for you naysayers, ye who complain about seeing Nativities in November: Shove it.

Christmas, which has obviously Christian roots, actually has traditions that pre-date JC. I suppose most people, though, would recognize it as a Christian celebration. But over the years, it has come to symbolize a lot more: profitability, holiday parties, deforestation, hillbilly relatives, disenfranchising populations, inappropriate co-workers, over-eating … the list goes on.

For me, Christmas means a time to be with my family. Some of my family members still choose to honor the non-secular side of the holiday, and some of us don’t. But we all recognize it as a time of year to be with each other.

It’s a time for mom to get so stressed out about having everyone at her house that we tiptoe around the kitchen for fear of letting ONE CRUMB fall on the floor (which is “so clean Jesus could eat off it”). It’s a time for my sisters and I to drink too much and make up our own rules to seemingly family-friendly games, resulting in a barrage of insults that leave us both crying and laughing. It’s a time for dad to throw logs on the fire and drink scotch, because the two things he loves almost as much as his kids are fires and scotch. It’s a time for us to watch the same holiday movies we always watch and do the dialogues right along with the characters.

So when I put on my NSYNC Christmas CD (THAT you can criticize me for) and start decking my halls months before Dec. 25, I don’t care if you judge me because it puts me in a great mood. Then I get to come home from work, see the tree and the stockings and the garland and it makes me frickin happy.

So shut up with your stupid complaints and hippie reasoning for hating all the Christmas stuff. There are many times when I’d be on your side, chewing out corporations for zombie-fying us into spending more more more (see a Valentine’s Day post in a few months). But not this time. Not with Christmas.
Bring it, holiday cheer. Bring it.

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