Before and after

This is republished with permission from Reiko Palmer Inc.

Before I was a mom, I was in the best physical shape of my whole life. Now, I can’t even get through a mile without stopping to walk. But I can throw my 35 lb. little boy on my hip and my kisses make him stop crying.

mother-daughter-love-sunset-51953Before I was a mom, I caught up on my favorite shows, read a lot of books, and stayed current with news. Now, I watch a lot of cartoons, and have been trying to get through one paperback for months. But I know all of the names of Thomas the Tank Engine’s buddies, and I know what my toddler’s gibberish means because I listen and pay attention to him.

Before I was a mom, I was a vegetarian. I juiced and made smoothies with kale and fresh fruit. Now, I eat meat, drink more coffee than I should, and snack a lot. But I get to share in my toddler’s fascination with bacon and my husband’s love of cooking. I enjoy a full meal with my husband almost every day.

Before I was a mom, I could attend late night work events without hesitation, and sign up for anything and everything. I could schedule myself full to the brim. Now, I need to be home just about every evening for dinner & bedtime with my little boy. But I get to rock and read and sing lullabies and laugh.

Before I was a mom, I ran in races every month and booked fun trips. Now, I haven’t ran a 5k in over a year, and it’s an enormous feat to have a one-night getaway with my husband. But I get to sign up for things for my son, and watch him experience the joy of a science museum, a zoo, or a petting zoo.

Before I was a mom, I would stay up later, sleep in and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Now, I need to be in bed early, my coffee is always cold, and I hit the ground running at 6:30 or 7am every day. But I have the benefit of working close to home, so my family and I all have time together every morning.

So much has changed, and there are so many things I miss about my life pre-mom. These mantras help me remember what I have given up and what I have gained in their place.

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