7 times kids totally nailed life

As adults, we like to laugh off a lot of what children say. After all, they haven’t had much life experience, so what do they know?

But, there is something so beautiful in the simplicity of children, right? For example, my son told me the other day that when he grows up, he’ll get a job and get married, but he wants to marry his sister because, “She doesn’t care how much I play with my toys.”


My friend, Soula, from The Wisdom of Kids devotes her time to collecting the amazing things that children say. Below are a few of my favorites! Feel free to see more from Soula on her website or her Facebook page.

Mummys the boss - landscape

(That’s right, child, MOMMY IS THE BOSS!)


(Maybe if I get some glass slippers, the kids will go to bed early?)


(I’m not eating that.)


(Ooohh … I like this game.)


(Don’t we all?)


(I’m ancient.)


(So wise, so true.)

WOK Lifestyle image with notebook and pencil case

Laugh even more here: http://www.WisdomOfKids.com

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