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If it were just the two of us


If it were just the two of us, I would surprise you with a trip to the Greek islands. I have always wanted to take you there. We could spend all day up to our necks in transparent, blue-green water, eat the most delicious tomatoes in the world and stay out late walking the streets […] Read more…

And … forgotten


I think too many parents who are out of the stage I am in have forgotten what it’s like to have little kids. Need proof? Here are 25 things parents of older children have said that prove my point: “You have no problem driving 450 miles to visit us, right?” (Sure, let me just throw […] Read more…

No, I will not play with you


I remember being a child and using my imagination all day long. I could make up situations for toys to act out, allowing the plastic creatures to have conversations and go on adventures. As I got older, those imaginary conversations between toys morphed into daydreams about boys. Then thinking about dream jobs. Then planning for […] Read more…

The correct way to bandage an injured toddler


Step One: Assume the Worst If your child has tripped over his own two feet or run into the wall (again) or bonked his head on a table, he will nearly always need emergency medical attention. You can simply call 911 right away and go down to step seven, or, you can gamble with your […] Read more…

What I’ll miss about you


“Mommy, do you want me to be like this forever?” Hearing my own words come out of my almost-4-year-old’s mouth is entirely too precious. He is willing himself to stay awake long enough for my answer. His arms hold a plastic dinosaur against his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pajamas, and his green-brown eyes are losing […] Read more…

Your kids are gross


Your children are gross, and I want nothing to do with them. I know how harsh that sounds. Before I had kids, I would have said, “Kids are beautiful! Sure, they get a little snotty and have dirt under their fingernails, but that’s just kids being kids.” Now that I have children of my own, […] Read more…

The (other) truth about breastfeeding


Sometimes, breastfeeding sucks. (Get it?) I’m a huge advocate of nursing. In addition to the nutrition benefits, there really is an amazing bond that develops. I already know how much I’m going to miss it, as my 15-month-old is slowly (like, really slowly) weaning herself. Sometime in early August was Breastfeeding Is Better Than Jesus […] Read more…

The Grocery Store


Anyone with kids knows that going to the grocery store is pretty much going to be the worst part of your day. It’s such a shame, because I used to love shopping for food. It is amazing to me how different these trips are now compared to just five years ago. Parking Pre-Kids: Oh, I’ll […] Read more…

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