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The miracle of dinner


It’s Friday night, which means it’s homemade pizza night, which means it’s time to play god. My husband and son want pepperoni, I want tons of vegetables and my daughter will probably fill up on shredded cheese before the pizza is even made. I – meaning, my bread machine – get the dough started. I […] Read more…

My summertime confessions


It’s almost summer, a time when the air is stickier than my children’s hands. Outdoor activities become fashionable, and the sanctimommies are out in full force. If you don’t know what a sanctimommy is, I want to first applaud you for avoiding the dark side of the Internet for the past year. Secondly, I’m not […] Read more…

It won’t last forever


The first trimester of pregnancy was always awful for me. Morning sickness is a total misnomer, as I was throwing up around the clock and unable to each much besides saltines for a good eight weeks. The only way to get through it was to remind myself that the nausea was temporary; it won’t last […] Read more…

Jealous? Is that the right word?


On the same day, three of the most important people in my life got big career-related news. My sister and my best friend were each promoted at work, and a good friend learned the play for which she was the musical director was nominated for a number of awards. The news kept coming in the form […] Read more…

I can’t be a parent like my parents were


I often hear parents from older generations marvel at the “tools” we younger mothers and fathers have: the battery-operated swings, the iPads, the bottle warmers, the terrifying Bumbos. “What will they think of next?” they say. “If only I had things like that when I was a mother.” In truth, I think my parents had […] Read more…

I bring out the worst in my children.


I bring out the worst in my children. Fellow mommies, holler if you hear me. How many times has your partner, or parents, or trusted caregiver made comments such as the following: “Oh, geez, your child NEVER acts that way with me!” “I swear your kids were happy until you showed up.” “Your son/daughter is […] Read more…

The one thing I always say to new mothers


Four-ish years ago, my firstborn was 3 weeks old and had just fallen asleep on top of me. I squirmed and adjusted very slowly and quietly until I could position him next to me on the couch, on his back with nothing dangerous around him. Nothing dangerous, that is, except the thoughts swimming through my […] Read more…

The things I was surprised to learn


By this point, you should be aware that you will s*%t yourself delivering the baby and that your social life will be totally disrupted. People will tell you about the pain of childbirth, the spitting up, the crying and the tantrums. No one talks about the other stuff. The important stuff. Like these: 1. You […] Read more…

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