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Moms Seeking Moms


I’m so over the mommy dating game. What’s the mommy dating game, you ask? Why, it’s this awful experiment in social awkwardness that nearly always results in a disaster because you didn’t find out enough about each other before agreeing to get together. You think you’re compatible because you met at the pool and share […] Read more…

The swimming pool is a battlefield


Going to the pool is like walking into a battlefield. It’s a large hole filled with water that my kids can’t yet navigate alone – a minefield waiting to explode at even the most minor misstep. And when you throw other people into the mix, it’s a full-on war in which every mommy and child […] Read more…

How to Survive a Trip to the Toy Store


Step 1: Have a slight hangover. You JUST hosted a huge family gathering for your in-laws. Having a few beers kept you sane, right? Let the fun keep on rolling the next morning when your 4-year-old jumps on your pounding head to wake you up because you promised him you would go to the toy […] Read more…

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