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Maybe we should give sanctiparents a break


My first year of gardening, I learned that if I wanted red bell peppers, I would have to leave the green peppers on the vine longer. Turns out, green peppers are peppers that haven’t fully matured yet. When they are allowed to ripen, they will (usually) turn yellow and then into sweet, delicious red. Spring […] Read more…

The New Normals of Parenting


Whether you want it to happen or not, parenting introduces a whole new world. This world puts you in positions you never imagined you could be in. It introduces you to sights, sounds and smells you never wanted to experience. It is a nonstop rollercoaster that brings a new laugh, a new headache or a […] Read more…

I can solve teen pregnancy

Parents of teenagers, fear not, for I have a solution for how to keep your children from reproducing before they are ready. No, it’s not abstinence (hilarious). And no, it’s not condoms and birth control, though we need to keep those on the table. The answer is simple: Drop them off at my house. I’m […] Read more…

My life in headlines, 2016


Ever have one of those moments in life where you pause and think, “If this situation continues, I’m going to end up on the news”? You know, like when you are stuck in a traffic jam and feel like you are about to completely lose it and run out of your car and stand in […] Read more…

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