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Eyes wide shut


When I wasn’t looking, my son colored all over the walls of the playroom. I walked in, saw his art, and said, “Did you do this?” He smiled, placed his hands behind his back and said, “Yes, I draw on the walls. It not nice.” When I wasn’t looking, Monster snuck his finger under the […] Read more…

Sorry, Bones.

8 weeks old little airedale terrier puppy dog ready for travelling

What is it about having children that makes you hate your pet? It’s so sad. And it is incredibly unfair. But many days, I want to open the front door, hand my dog a bindle of bones and send her on her way. Before the kids came along, Mona was loved like she was our […] Read more…



I’m one of those wives who is always (half-jokingly) saying to my husband, “You are so lucky to have such a wonderful wife,” as I pick up his socks, make his dinner or let him sleep in on the weekends. In truth, I am so lucky to have a husband at all, much less one […] Read more…

Being foolish: The case for Valentine’s Day


The longer I’m a parent, the longer I realize what a pretty little fool I was before Monster. A reason-eschewing fool who had the luxury of grand ideals and political conjecture. A fool who had the gift of time without knowing it. A watch meant nothing. A schedule was irrelevant. What to do on a […] Read more…

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