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Mommies are magic


A few weeks ago, my son got sick. It was the kind of sick where he was feeble and run-down and just wanted his momma. I have to admit, as much as I hate seeing my child like that, I absolutely adore getting the chance to be the person who makes him feel comforted. With […] Read more…

Drop your kids and leave.


Why don’t you bring your children over to my house to play? You have no idea how much I love the giggles and squeals coming from a room other than the one I’m in. I keep reading about how socialization is important, so let’s get our kids together. I’ll put them in a room with […] Read more…

9 Truths About Naked Time

Maybe it happens when the kid is just learning to walk, maybe when she is just learning to talk, or maybe the kid has always enjoyed it. Sooner or later, the child develops a want – nay, a passion – for being naked. I had always heard of naked time, though my firstborn had only […] Read more…

Moms Seeking Moms


I’m so over the mommy dating game. What’s the mommy dating game, you ask? Why, it’s this awful experiment in social awkwardness that nearly always results in a disaster because you didn’t find out enough about each other before agreeing to get together. You think you’re compatible because you met at the pool and share […] Read more…

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