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“Life can be a big bitch.”


It was about two weeks ago. I left the house in a rush yelling to my husband as the door shuts “i don’t even know if i believe in vaccination, but I’m going to go shoot up our kid with bacteria and fungus now.” (No. This is not a post about vaccination, asshole).  It was […] Read more…

I like my ugly Christmas tree


Every year, my friend posts a picture of her Christmas tree on Facebook. It is always a gorgeous, “real” tree, probably 8 feet tall and full of pine needles that I swear I can smell through the picture. She has it decked out in fancy ornaments, maybe red and gold one year, blue and silver the […] Read more…

Welcome to my car


Well, hello, soon-to-be-passenger. I’m excited that you will be joining us on our car ride today. Before we get started, I’d like to give you complimentary a tour of the vehicle to maximize your comfort and your experience. Let’s start with the exterior, which is a beautiful metallic gray lightly sprinkled with quirky scratches that […] Read more…

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