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7 times kids totally nailed life


As adults, we like to laugh off a lot of what children say. After all, they haven’t had much life experience, so what do they know? But, there is something so beautiful in the simplicity of children, right? For example, my son told me the other day that when he grows up, he’ll get a […] Read more…

A very 2-year-old kind of day

© Slateriverproductions | - Terrible twos

One day not too long ago, my 2-year-old, Eliza, was having a very 2-year-old day. She said “no” more times than I could count. She stomped her feet and stuck out her lip. If I asked her to go this way, she went that way. If I asked her to go that way, she stood […] Read more…

The New Normals of Parenting


Whether you want it to happen or not, parenting introduces a whole new world. This world puts you in positions you never imagined you could be in. It introduces you to sights, sounds and smells you never wanted to experience. It is a nonstop rollercoaster that brings a new laugh, a new headache or a […] Read more…

I can solve teen pregnancy

Parents of teenagers, fear not, for I have a solution for how to keep your children from reproducing before they are ready. No, it’s not abstinence (hilarious). And no, it’s not condoms and birth control, though we need to keep those on the table. The answer is simple: Drop them off at my house. I’m […] Read more…

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