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What is parenting like?

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What’s it like to be a parent? It’s alternating the feeling that you made the best decision ever, and the feeling that you are barely surviving. Parenting is having tiny creatures following you around all day demanding to be fed and then screaming at you for giving them food. It’s stringing together several wonderful days […] Read more…

Why having kids in school isn’t actually easier


The credit card machine beeped at me. I had swiped, and it wasn’t a swiper. It was a chip-reader. And that was just the last straw. I inserted my credit card and blinked away tears of frustration. I knew Target had chip-reading machines. It’s the grocery store where I need to swipe. Why didn’t I […] Read more…



I decided this year that we aren’t celebrating Christmas. No, we are going to EXPERIENCE it. My kids are old enough now that the Christmas experiences make sense. When they were really little, the magic of the holidays was there, but not in all its glory. A weeks-old baby can barely even see the tree, […] Read more…

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