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An open letter to the Morrison Family YMCA


First, I want to thank you for having an open breastfeeding policy. I found it very quickly after I was kicked out of one of your Mommy and Me classes because I was nursing my daughter. I also want to thank you for calling me later to “get more details” about what happened, offer an apology […] Read more…

Mom, let’s talk about guns.


“Mom, let’s talk about guns,” my 4-year-old says from the back seat. It takes everything in me not to lose control of the car. “Um, OK buddy, let’s talk about guns,” I reply, my voice dripping with anxiety. “I don’t like guns. Do you like guns, Mom?” Phew. “No, buddy. No, I don’t like guns.” […] Read more…

The real meaning of Christmas


Christmas takes on a new meaning now that I’m a mother. I’m not talking about watching a child eagerly await Santa’s arrival, though that is pretty cool. I’m talking about the birth of JC. Now, regardless of how you feel about the Virgin birth, I think you have to admit that the story is pretty […] Read more…

An apology to my firstborn


If I were to tell you that my daughter is my second child, you would probably nod knowingly. Parents of more than one understand second-baby syndrome. For the most part, second babies don’t get the one-on-one time nor privileges first babies do. My daughter’s schedule revolves around her brother’s. She doesn’t have any toys of […] Read more…

In the dark


“Mom, I can’t see the light.” It is 8 p.m. and my 4-year-old and I are in his bed. We have read three books and turned out the light, allowing the small flickers of illumination from the nightlight to take over. He is voicing his concern that he can’t see the physical light plugged into […] Read more…

It’s hard not to compare


There is one main rule when it comes to your child’s development: Never, ever compare your kid to someone else’s. Ever. Despite every single parent knowing that we shouldn’t engage in the behavior, we do. I tell myself all the time that it doesn’t matter what another kid is doing, my kids are just fine, […] Read more…

“They” want you to fail.


Parents, heed my warning: We are being set up to fail. For a long time, I thought maybe I was constantly a failure as a parent because I am clumsy, forgetful and a little too honest. Then one day, I went down a rabbit hole on Facebook, chasing someone’s conspiracy theory about Ebola. (I promise, […] Read more…

The Land of Make Believe


Recently, a friend of mine in Cincinnati posted on Facebook that she was feeling out of place at a park. She went in typical mommy attire: comfortable and sporty. She was shocked to discover that many of the other mothers there were wearing dresses. Dresses. I instantly had negative feelings toward these women. Thanks, ladies, […] Read more…

The (other) truth about breastfeeding


Sometimes, breastfeeding sucks. (Get it?) I’m a huge advocate of nursing. In addition to the nutrition benefits, there really is an amazing bond that develops. I already know how much I’m going to miss it, as my 15-month-old is slowly (like, really slowly) weaning herself. Sometime in early August was Breastfeeding Is Better Than Jesus […] Read more…

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