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I failed Christmas this year


It can be really easy to feel like you are failing your children, especially around the holidays. I had so many good intentions this year. For example, our neighborhood group announced that there would be a home decorating contest. Oh, boy, we were going to blow it out of the water. We picked a weekend, […] Read more…

Mommies are magic


A few weeks ago, my son got sick. It was the kind of sick where he was feeble and run-down and just wanted his momma. I have to admit, as much as I hate seeing my child like that, I absolutely adore getting the chance to be the person who makes him feel comforted. With […] Read more…

Cuts like a knife


The world was quiet, aside from the sound of my dog’s tags echoing against empty houses. She and I were walking in a part of my neighborhood where homes are still under construction. The empty buildings stared at us with darkened windows, the shadowed framing inside barely visible. The weather had just started to cool, […] Read more…

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