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Maybe we should give sanctiparents a break


My first year of gardening, I learned that if I wanted red bell peppers, I would have to leave the green peppers on the vine longer. Turns out, green peppers are peppers that haven’t fully matured yet. When they are allowed to ripen, they will (usually) turn yellow and then into sweet, delicious red. Spring […] Read more…

And … forgotten


I think too many parents who are out of the stage I am in have forgotten what it’s like to have little kids. Need proof? Here are 25 things parents of older children have said that prove my point: “You have no problem driving 450 miles to visit us, right?” (Sure, let me just throw […] Read more…

The Grocery Store


Anyone with kids knows that going to the grocery store is pretty much going to be the worst part of your day. It’s such a shame, because I used to love shopping for food. It is amazing to me how different these trips are now compared to just five years ago. Parking Pre-Kids: Oh, I’ll […] Read more…

I’m morbid now.


When someone dies, it is usually a (harsh) reminder of the preciousness of life. Conversely, I have found that through becoming a parent, the preciousness of life is a reminder of death. It happens almost instantly: Mother births baby, mother names baby, mother begins to fear all the ways she will lose baby. I have […] Read more…

Not so different


There is something about an increase in responsibility that makes your long for your more carefree days. I thought initially that was why after Eliza was born, I started to long for my days on the Ohio University campus. College was arguably the most fun four consecutive years of my life, and I had the […] Read more…

Tricks reeeeally are for kids.


Dear 18-year-old Monster, Well, it’s 2029. So many amazing things already have happened during your lifetime. Hillary put in a solid eight years as the first female president and finally convinced dudes in Washington that women have brains, not just bodies. That really paved the way for the Fey-Poehler ticket, and that’s why your world […] Read more…

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