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I want to be the nice guy


One morning, my 4-year-old daughter was sitting at the kitchen table playing with her toys. “Uh oh,” she said. My husband and I turned our gaze to where she was, then down to the floor where a toy had fallen. “Don’t worry, baby, I’ll get it,” I said as I made my way across the […] Read more…

Before and after


This is republished with permission from Reiko Palmer Inc. Before I was a mom, I was in the best physical shape of my whole life. Now, I can’t even get through a mile without stopping to walk. But I can throw my 35 lb. little boy on my hip and my kisses make him stop crying. […] Read more…

What am I doing with my life?


Is it just this stage of life? As I vented to my best friend about my current state of mind, she told me that she thinks we are just in a tough stage of life. You know, the one where every day is chaotic but still somehow routine. We wake up, we do our best […] Read more…

What it’s like to have a tender-hearted son


We hadn’t even reached the end of my parents’ driveway when a tiny sound interrupted the silence in the car. “Mommy, I’m going to try not to cry this time,” my 6-year-old son said, his voice breaking. We had spent almost a week in Ohio for Christmas, surrounded by my family. My son particularly enjoyed […] Read more…

What my kids may never know


There are so many things my children may never know about me. To be honest, I’m OK with them never knowing what their mother may or may not have done in college or about that time I got caught sneaking out of my parents’ house. I don’t need them to know that I was a […] Read more…

I can’t be that mom


I can’t be the mom whose house is always clean. We will always have crumbs on the floor and fingerprints on the door. I can’t be the mom whose outfit is always cute. I have necklaces that never get worn, and don’t even get me started on my hair. But I will be the mom […] Read more…

The “first” first day of school


Sweetheart, I have been thinking about this day all summer long. Being a mommy to two little kids in the summer isn’t always easy. Some days, the hours stretched into years. So, when people would ask, “Are you sad your son is going to kindergarten in the fall?” my response was a proud and defiant, […] Read more…

A 3-year-old’s world


“She is so tired,” I think as I watch my daughter sleep. She spent the entire day doing everything she should do: running around the back yard half-naked, jumping into a swimming pool, chasing the dog and playing superheroes with her big brother. I read her favorite bedtime book, and she falls asleep in my […] Read more…

Dear friend, I miss you


Friend, last night, you told me that you missed me. I hope you meant that it isn’t that you miss me; you just miss what we once had. Our lives have changed so much over the years, but my undying affection for you has never wavered. Not the time you forgot to leave a light […] Read more…

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