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The scariest thing about kindergarten


It may sound odd that I think of my kindergartner as an adult, but I’m told I’m not the only one who pictured his college graduation when we were snapping the obligatory “first day of school” pictures. There are so many grown-up things he does now. He checks books out of a library and has […] Read more…

The things I was surprised to learn


By this point, you should be aware that you will s*%t yourself delivering the baby and that your social life will be totally disrupted. People will tell you about the pain of childbirth, the spitting up, the crying and the tantrums. No one talks about the other stuff. The important stuff. Like these: 1. You […] Read more…

Mom, let’s talk about guns.


“Mom, let’s talk about guns,” my 4-year-old says from the back seat. It takes everything in me not to lose control of the car. “Um, OK buddy, let’s talk about guns,” I reply, my voice dripping with anxiety. “I don’t like guns. Do you like guns, Mom?” Phew. “No, buddy. No, I don’t like guns.” […] Read more…

Yeah huh it’s hard!


I just knew she was going to come up and say something to me. Most people were. I suppose an about-to-pop pregnant lady at a destination wedding sort of sticks out. “Hi there,” she said. “I just wanted to tell you that you look great, and don’t worry – being a parent isn’t as hard […] Read more…

Core lessons


Monster and I walked into the 70-degrees-and-sunny weather. He had spent all morning at work with David, and I had filled the time working. My son – whom we were told needed “even more food in his lunchbox” – looked at me and said, “I have that? I have apple, please?” I hadn’t eaten in […] Read more…

Where Mommy Go?


For a really long time, it was all about Momma. “Mommy, carry.” “I want my Mommy.” “Mommy, fix it.” And while it was exhausting and at times emotionally draining, I secretly loved it. I loved that my son knew that if he needed anything, he could come to me. When he was upset, he needed […] Read more…



Five years ago, I called one of my best friends and invited her to go to the beach for the weekend to do the things twenty-somethings do at the beach. Five weeks ago, I called Mandy and again invited her to hit the coast … only this time, I’d have my child, my sister and […] Read more…

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